First Aid Training for Remote and Austere Environments

Remote Emergency Care 3 (REC 3)

This intense 20 hour course is run over 2 days. It is popular with outdoor instructors and workers who wish to expand on their knowledge and increase their confidence in the wilderness or outdoor setting. Building on the REC 2 curriculum, a wider range of injuries and illnesses are covered, and you get more time to build on your skills using ever more complicated scenarios.

We teach you to use your limited first aid kit in innovative ways, and we improvise with other items you are likely to have at hand

This REC 3 course meets the first aid training requirements for outdoor instructors of all the major outdoor National Governing Bodies, including Mountaineering Ireland, ICU, Canoeing Ireland, the RYA and Royal Life Saving Society.

Course content includes

  • Scene management and personal protection
  • Legal considerations
  • The DRABCDEFG of remote first aid
  • Dealing with unconscious casualties
  • Opening the airway and safe airway position
  • Calling for help
  • Choking and breathing problems
  • Treating serious bleeding
  • Spinal injuries
  • Burns
  • Dehydration and hypothermia
  • Resuscitation, AED
  • Dealing with major bleeding and recognising and preventing shock
  • Major injuries: head, chest, limbs and spine
  • Dealing with medical emergencies
  • Insulate and shelter: managing your casualty until help arrives
  • Evacuation methods and more

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