First Aid Training for Remote and Austere Environments

There Is No Ambulance Where You Go

Many of us love to work or play in the outdoors. Whilst we love the feeling of space and distance from urban life, spending time in the outdoors does not come without its risks.

RemoteMedic specialises in creating bespoke emergency care training courses for individuals, businesses and organisations worldwide.

Our teaching theory is simple; we believe in the
'hands-on' approach; learning by doing. You will be presented with realistic outdoor scenarios. Constructive feedback accelerates your learning. The emphasis is on having fun, whilst building your skills.

Remote first aid goes beyond basic first aid; you may be with your casualty for an extended period of time until help arrives, you may need to evacuate them from the environment to gain access to emergency services. Caring for your casualty in the remote environment requires a different skillset.

courses are certified by the Remote Emergency Care Scheme, giving you the confidence that everything we teach is quality assured and based on the latest evidence in remote first aid.

courses are accredited by major outdoor governing bodies, including Irish Sailing, RYA, ICU, Canoeing Ireland, MCI, Mountaineering Ireland, and MBLA.

Peace of Mind Wherever You Go