Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

We have special prices for groups; businesses, charities and youth groups. I also run open courses where attendees pay an individual fee.
Contact us to discuss your needs.

Do the classes run in all weathers?

Yes, within reason. If there is a red or orange weather warning we may postpone the course. Otherwise, bring your thermals and wet weather gear. We will be outside for scenarios, but inside for theory and discussion.

What is the maximum you can take in a group?

Maximum is 12 people and minimum is 6.

Do you run courses during the week?

Yes, I can run courses during the week and at weekends. Advanced booking is always necessary.

Can I put together my own group and ask for a training course specifically tailored to our needs?


We are a group of cold water / ice swimmers. Can you run a course for us?

Absolutely! I have a special interest in the management of cold water immersion and cold water shock.

Would you accompany my team on an expedition?

I am happy to consider any requests!

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