Remote Emergency Care Courses

There Is No Ambulance Where You Go

RemoteMedic runs a number of outdoor first aid courses.

Remote Emergency Care level 1 (8 hr)
Remote Emergency Care level 2 (16 hr)
Remote Emergency Care level 3
Remote Emergency Care level 4
First Aid at Sea REC level 1 (8 hr)
First Aid at Sea REC level 2 (16 hr)

Through these courses, you will learn life saving skills and injury management in remote locations. Courses are based on the latest evidence for the initial treatment of injuries and illnesses in remote areas, and are based on current guidelines published by:
  • European Resuscitation council
  • UK Resuscitation Council
  • Wilderness Medical Society

You will learn the theory of how and why things happen in the body, principles for treatment, and put this learning into practice using realistic scenarios.

All courses are tailored to your sport, hobby, activity and environment, whether it be watersports, cycling, Scouting, rock climbing, hill walking or others.

All courses are accredited by major outdoor governing bodies, including RYA, Irish Sailing, ICU, Canoeing Ireland, MCI, Mountaineering Ireland, and MBLA.

Courses are continually assessed with constructive feedback throughout.
On successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a Remote Emergency Care (REC) certificate, valid for 3 years.
Training can be arranged at your venue, or at another suitable venue. Due to the practical nature of the course it is ideally delivered in an environment similar to your normal outdoor environment for your particular activity.

Course schedule and pricing
Please contact us for information on pricing and scheduled courses for individuals, or to organise your own course for your club.

If you regularly find yourself outdoors, in an environment where an ambulance will not reach you easily, then these courses are for you.

We also provide consultancy to clubs, providing advice on suitable kit for your specific outdoor activity.

RemoteMedic also teaches 2 hour paediatric first aid classes, tailored to the needs of parents, grandparents and carers.

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